Carbon Fiber Mustang Radiator Cover
  • Made for SVT Only.
  • Mold Process: Splash Replica
  • Layup Process: Infusion
  • SVT Only solicited CF to replicate an existing metal radiator cover out of carbon fiber.  The carbon fiber radiator cover was to function and appear identical to the existing part.  This project required pulling a splash mold off of the existing part and then using this mold to make a small production run of 10 radiator covers.  Matching carbon fiber door sills were also included with this project.

Existing Part

Sheet Metal Radiator Cover

Original brushed steel SVT Mustang radiator cover ready to be splash molded.

Splash Mold

Radiator Splash Mold

Fiberglass mold created from the original part via the splash molding process.

The Lay-Up

Carbon Fiber Radiator Layup

Infusion layup setup shown on mold created for increased production.

Final Part

Custom Carbon Fiber SVT Mustang Radiator Cover

After removal from the mold, the part was trimmed to its final shape.

Final Installation

Installed Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover

The new carbon fiber radiator shown fitted in place on an SVT Mustang.

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