Carbon Fiber NSX Spoiler
  • Made for an Undisclosed Customer.
  • Mold Process: 3 Part Splash Mold
  • Layup Process: 2 Part Infusion and Post Bond with a Foam Fill
  • This is a fully custom carbon fiber spoiler for the 2017 Acura NSX featured at SEMA.  This part is about as difficult as it gets to make.  With no hidden edges, all part seams are visible and must be perfect.  Our customer provided a fiberglass version they had hand shaped and we used it to pull a 3 part mold to make top and bottom shells that could be bonded together with an expanding foam interior.

Existing Part

Fiberglass Acura NSX Original Spoiler

Custom fiberglass spoiler provided by the customer.


Custom NSX Spoiler Plug

To pull a mold from the spoiler we constructed MDF flanges that contoured the spoiler along its center-line.

Splash Mold

Fiberglass 3 Part Spoiler Mold

In order to make the spoiler, a 3 part mold was required.


Acura NSX Spoiler Carbon Fiber Infusion

Each half of the spoiler was infused separately via the VARTM process.


NSX Carbon Fiber Spoiler Post Bond

The two spoiler halves were then bonded together within the molds to maintain the original shape.

Final Part

Carbon Fiber NSX Spoiler

The final spoiler in all of its glory (before getting clear-coated).

Final Installation

Acura NSX Spoiler Installed at SEMA

Featured in Acura’s booth at SEMA 2017 in Las Vegas.

Do you have a custom carbon fiber project you need help on?  Reach out below.

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