Custom Carbon Fiber Wrapped Canards
  • Made for an individual with an EVO
  • Mold Process: No Mold
  • Layup Process: Wet Wrap
  • These canards were made for an individual who already had a pair of fiberglass canards, but preferred them to look like carbon fiber.  At CF we lift our noses at the sight of vinyl wrapped “carbon” parts, but we will wrap the occasional plastic, metal, or fiberglass part in REAL carbon fiber purely for aesthetics.  The process itself is time consuming and it turns out it is often almost as costly as just making the part from real carbon fiber to begin with.

Existing Part

Fiberglass Carbon Fiber Canard

The original canards where made from fiberglass and had a white gelcoat finish.

Dry Carbon Wrap

Carbon Fiber Wrapped Canard

Using spray adhesive, a single layer of 6K twill carbon fiber was wrapped around each canard. Seams were hidden on the bottom.

Resin Application

Resined carbon fiber custom wrapped canards

After two layers of resin, the canards are starting to look nice and glossy.

Final Part

Finished Carbon Fiber Wrapped Canard

After about four layers of resin the part is ready to mount!

Final Installation

Still waiting for the customer to send us the final picture.  We will update when they are mounted!

Do you have a custom carbon fiber project you need help on?  Reach out below.