Custom Carbon Fiber Fenders
  • Made for Zoox.
  • Mold Process: Laser Cut Cross Sections
  • Layup Process: Infusion
  • Zoox is a top secret autonomous vehicle company.  We can’t say much more than that.  Just Google them.  They are cool. Keep an eye out for their self driving cars coming soon!

CAD Model

Carbon Fiber Fender CAD Model

This project started from a single CAD file provided by Zoox.

The Mold

Saving money is the name of the game! Instead of spending thousands to machine a mold, we laser cut cross sections to make a full 3D mold.[/caption]

Final Mold for Custom Carbon Fiber Fenders

The final result looks just as good as a machined mold at half the price.

The Lay-Up

Wet Layup for Custom Carbon Fiber Fenders

Of course every car has two fenders so we did it all twice… Here is a pair under vacuum.

Final Part

Custom Carbon Fiber Fenders

The first trimmed and polished fender out of the mold. No clear coat needed when the layup turns out this well.

Full Set of 4 Fenders

Custom Carbon Fiber Fender Mold Lattuce

This autonomous vehicle has no distinct front or back, so it actually needed 4 fenders!

Do you have a custom carbon fiber project you need help on?  Reach out below.


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